Rodeo Events

Boco Pastoral Company Open Saddle Bronc

Monaro Livestock & Property Open Bareback

Schofield Livestock and Property Open Bull

Schofields Shearing Ladies Barrel Race

(Schofields Shearing - Mick Schofield 0429 779 002)

Novice Barrel Race

Monaro Wool Services Novice Saddle Bronc

Gunyah Hereford Stud Novice Bareback

Gavin Patton Plumbing Novice Bull Ride

(Winner receives the Ricky Brazulaitis Memorial Buckle donated by Lynn Brazulaitis)

Junior Steer 8-U11

Junior Steer 11-U14

Alpine Motor Group Juvenile Steer 14-U18

Cooma Furnishings Junior Barrel U11

Junior Barrel 11-U14

Baileys Contracting Services Juvenile Barrel 14-U18

Macks Auto and Tyre Plus Breakaway Roping 8-U18

Cochran Horse Treks & Cloyne Valley Farm Poley Buckjump

(Winner receives a trophy donated by Cochran Horse Treks & Cloyne Valley Farm)

Open Steer Wrestling

Open Rope & Tie

Open Team Roping

Ladies Steer Undecorating

Competitors will be required to enter via ABCRA approximately 10 days prior to the Rodeo

Cooma Ex-Services Club ClubGRANTS Local Events

Local Barrel Race (Divisions 1 & 2)

Monbeef Local Steer 8-U16 (Divisions 1 & 2)

Brazza's Construction Local Ladies Steer 

Cooma Ex-Services Club ClubGRANTS Local Event Details

Entries will be open prior to the Rodeo for the Local Events by contacting Secretary Cooma Rodeo Inc. 



1.  Payment must be paid to Cooma Rodeo Inc to confirm entry.  In the event of the event being cancelled entry fee will be refunded. 

2.  A Local is considered to be a person who is a resident of the Snowy Monaro Regional Council area and provide proof of such.

3. Competitors in Local Events must ride unassisted to be considered for a qualified ride.
4. ABCRA Rules must be adhered to including safety equipment and dress.
5. Where event requires stock there will be a limit of 10 Riders in each event.
6. All entrants must report to Rodeo Office on the day of the Rodeo by 10am to sign a waiver.

7. Local Barrel Race and Local Steer 8-U16 events will be split into 2 Divisions - 1st Division being competitors who are entered in the AgriWest  Rodeo Open Events via ABCRA and 2nd Division being competitors who have not entered the AgriWest Rodeo Open Events via ABCRA. 

8. Competitors will be required to be a member of the ABCRA. Day Membership is available – Price to be notified. (Includes Personal Accident Insurance Levy).


9. Thanks to the Cooma Ex-Services Club ClubGRANTS Programme there will be a prize of $100 for first place in each Division in each Local Event!!

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There are still opportunities to purchase naming rights for the next Rodeo

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