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What to look for at the next Rodeo

Garry McPhee Rodeo Company from Lurg, Victoria, will be providing the stock for the Rodeo.


The Company have won over 69 Bucking Stock of the Year awards spanning over 40 years. 

Names like Kings Cross, Red Ned, Cream Puff & Sweet Pea were just a few that dominated the 1970’s.

Jane, Toss-Up, Which Way & Chainsaw dominated the 80's and 90's. 

Through 2000 - 2020 QT, Cheyenne Top Girl and Mandy's Boy took home many awards.

There will be a variety of local food and beverages to enjoy including -

Rose's Restaurant for Bar and Catering Services

Twodays Coffee Co

JJs Donuts

Cooma Lions Club Food Van

Foldz Pizza

Curly Chips

Dagwood Dog Van

Slushie truck

Cooma ExServices ClubGRANTS B.Firm Obstacle Course for all ages

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